Payment Info

  • Debit/Credit Card
  • Bank Transfer
  • Pay in store

Debit/Credit Card

We accept the following credit/debit cards belonging to the VisaVisa Electron, or MasterCard circuits.

For us security is extremely important, so we want you to know that your information will be encrypted and secure. We take the risk of attacks by hackers and possible fraud, so all credit and debit card payments are subject to validation and authorization by both you and your credit institution. Payments will be processed by Nexi XPay platform that always guarantees the maximum security of online transactions. Nexi X-Pay system offers the following levels of security:

  • Nexi XPay solutions use the SSL-TLS cryptographic protocols, the 3D Secure procedure and the CVV2 security codes.
  • Nexi XPay complies with the PCI-DSS standard.
  • Nexi XPay provides an advanced system for fraud prevention in real time.


When the customer selects the payment by card, and makes the payment, this does not arrive directly in the MOMO cashiers but remains awaiting accounting. MOMO will have 5 working days to account for the amount; at the end of the 5 days the amount is automatically credited back to the customer, if MOMO has planned not to account for it.

Within 5 working days of payment, MOMO will contact the customer in the event of partial or total unavailability of the goods he has selected, if the customer confirms the goods in stock. MOMO will only record the amount relating to the available goods, which may be the whole amount of the order or part of it. If the goods are not all available at the time of the order and MOMO with the customer’s consent to complete the order, MOMO will only account for the amount of the goods available at the time the order is closed, the remaining part will be credited back automatically on the customer’s card.

Bank Transfer

As a further method of payment we accept bank transfer, with this method of payment your order will be shipped only after our bank will have a confirmed credit.

Pay in store

Pay your order directly in our shop, if the customer does not make the payment within 7 days the order will be canceled.

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